10 Recommended and Best Audit Books to Read

1. Montgomery Auditing Continuing Professional Education 12th Edition

This is the best auditing book which was probably published in 1957 for its first edition. This best book is read by many auditors from that period until now. Montgomery Auditing book contains a difference of 45 chapters of auditing on different types of companies/sections.

Each chapter clearly explains are Nature of the business to be audited, related laws and regulations, Accounting Principles and practices, risk factors and audit action, Audit cycles, Audit procedures, and substantive tests.

Because this book was published a long time, some related matters and content in the book might be changed or updated but it is still a good book ever for internal auditors and external auditors for their understanding and how to engage their audit services in various types of companies.

Most importantly, The defined risks in each chapter will guide you to be proficient in your auditing career.

2. Internal Control Audit and Compliance: Documentation and Testing Under the New COSO Framework (Wiley Corporate F&A) 1st Edition

This “Internal Control and audit Compliance” book is a new establishment of the new COSO framework with provides practical experiences to auditors in order to conduct the audit engagement and compliance.

This book will provide the latest guidance and framework from COSO. This book will also provide clear explanations for auditors and potential stakeholders who are ambitious to become the main role in the 3rd line of defense by giving the main section on how to test, documents, identify risk and, a test of control over the financial statement elements.

This book is the first edition in 2015 and contains 416 pages with very essential 14 chapters are included.

3. Internal Audit Quality 1st Edition

This “Internal Audit Quality” book is a guideline book for your reading to be better practice in internal audit pathways.

This book is comprised of the necessary elements with 5 parts with around 399 pages as hard copy and concluded  (1)- The theory of internal audit and Quality, (2)- Development of Internal Audit and Quality, (3)- Governance structure, (4)- Internal Auditing Staffing, and (5)- International Standard of Professional Practice of Internal Auditing.  

This essential book provides you to understand of those 5 components and as the roadmap to guide the readers on becoming quality in daily audit tasks assignments and the internal audit strategy. One more thing, this book also provides the guideline to the reader or auditor to develop a well define audit program and procedures.  

Furthermore, this book provides the reader or auditor with more guidelines they need such as the IIA standard for better practice, Provide effectiveness and efficiency of internal audit, and how to deliver value to the related stakeholder and engagement.

4. Auditing for Dummies –Audible Audiobook

This book is recommended by many readers and CAEs for a new auditor, senior level, and as well as team leader, and Head of Department in order to well managed the audit engagements and for team members to conduct the tasks effectively.

This is a friendly user guide audit book to give an easy way to understand the explanation from the basic concept of auditing to the high level of conducting the audit.

The explanation will lead you from gathering the financial statement and accounting information to ways of analysis of those data and information of the financial statement of the clients.

This basic book in auditing (but as a golden egg in the nest) will help you to understand the concept and theory of audit, conducting internal and external audits, and to assert you in the accurate recording in an accounting environment.

5. Internal Auditing: Assurance & Advisory Services, Fourth Edition 

This is the 4th Edition of Internal Auditing – Assurance and Advisory Services book that contains 15 essential chapters and 561 pages by page for reading which is sponsored by IIA Chicago and IIA Dallas.

This very essential internal auditing provides the two main functions and very details on the Assurance and Advisory Services which are the need by every entity especially, corporate companies, large companies, and financial institutions.

Each chapter provides the details of the learning objective including the theory, the practical example, a clear illustration of the flow chart, with ease to understand the internal auditing regard assurance and advisory functions and as well to provides the explanation related guidelines such as IPPF, COBIT and so on which the potential readers might need to know.

This book is commended to read by the experienced reader to new auditors who are interested in upgrading the knowledge of internal auditing skills. Furthermore, the reader will also understand from the basic to the advanced level of knowledge the ERM, and Advisory Service.

With only one of these books, the reader will feel confident to lead and perform their audit engagement effectively.

6. Internal Audit Practice from A to Z (Internal Audit and IT Audit) 1st Edition

This audit book called “internal Audit Practice from A to Z” was an internal audit and IT audit series which contains 9 readable and understandable chapters and is 675 pages.

 This best audit book provides everything that the readers need to know and find out about the internal audit real practices and IT audit from the start to the completion of internal audit practice and IT audit.

 Each part of these 9 sections is demonstrated to the reader about the tips and techniques to manage the internal audit function more effectively from the internal audit planning stage till the finalize for the reporting and post-audit reporting section.

 This useful hard book is very suitable for potential readers who are interesting the most in internal audit and IT audit, new internal audit managers who need improvement on their audit skills, team leading skills, and relationship with audit client management.

 Internal Audit Practice from A to Z is recommended as the best audit book to read for your auditing knowledge improvement and for your audit career growth.

7. Mastering the Five Tiers of Audit Competency: The Essence of Effective Auditing (Internal Audit and IT Audit) 1st Edition, Kindle Edition

This is 200 pages of the auditing book that provide the internal and external auditor the professional auditing tips, understanding of the risk-based approach applied in auditing providing improving result in auditing works.

Mastering the Five Tier of Audit Competency demonstrate the essential components of an audit such as planning, understanding the business objective, performing the risk and control assessment, performing detail testing, audit reporting, project management, audit team management, and client communication and relationship skill.

This best audit book is recommended to auditors who are just promoted to become a team leaders and a senior level who are looking for a well-prepared final of auditing tasks for CAE or direct supervisor.

This book is essential for every auditor. This book was designed with the qualification of 100 tips and concepts as stated in its important content to introduce the auditor from the fundamental to the advanced level to understand many concepts, audit techniques, and related frameworks in fraud examination, internal audit, and IT audit.

8. Auditor Essentials: 100 Concepts, Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Success (Internal Audit and IT Audit)

This book also provides the general audience with a highly readable guide for interested auditors to gain advanced knowledge in order to practice in their daily working career in the auditing field.

Auditor Essentials: 100 Concepts, Tips, tools, and Techniques for success (Internal and IT auditor) offers the reader the principal concepts to the high-level concepts to lead the team or the division. This book provides an easy guide to how the internal auditor performs the tasks and as well to increases their capability to dearly with their internal and external clients.

9. Auditing Information and Cyber Security Governance: A Controls-Based Approach (Internal Audit and IT Audit) 1st Edition

This book consists of 5 main articles that mostly focus on security governance, security management, Information Security Governance Audit, and Cyber Security Governance Audit.

10. Lean Auditing: Driving Added Value and Efficiency in Internal Audit 1st Edition

This book contains 5 essential parts which to help the reader to understand Lean and Lean Auditing from the beginning to the end of the book. This book also provides the concepts of internal auditing and how to practice in audit work which offers the reader to enable to implement in the entity to drive the added value and effectiveness in internal audit to the whole organization.