Introduction to Product Design and Development with regard to Intellectual Property (Revised)

From the conception of the investors or businessmen for profit organization, the development of a successful product is the result in attracting the customer’s interest to buy that will lead to profits in selling the products.

Products designed and developed require activities to add the fulfilling functions to be considered before the launch of the successful product to market for sale and use by the end-users.

Meanwhile, there are 4 crucial elements to be taken into consideration for product design and product development projects:

  • Marketing: this function plays an important role in communicating between the company that develops the products and the target customers.  Marketing is the tool to assist product launch successfully, product opportunities to the market, target group, and identify of the customer’s need.
  • Art, color, creative idea in designing, and so on are needed for the products in order to add more design values to newly invented products or resemble existing products to gain more economic value on the market.
  • Design: These functions play the roles in defining the physical form of the products to meet the requirement of customers. The best products design to fulfill the need of customers will become famous and can earn lots of profit for the organization.
  • Manufacturing: This function is referred to as a process in production in order to produce the products where it is required for us to be more specifically responsible for designing operation or installation.
  • Patent and Intellectual Property: These functions are relevant to product design and development by protecting products from any infringement or replication without any permission from the inventors.

The function involves mostly products design and development, for instance; a patent protects the newly invented products, Trademark protects the word or symbol, logo, brand of products, copyright protects the product from replicating the original work of expression.

All the items in intellectual Property are very important for product design and development but Patentable on products design or development requires formal registration while trademarks, Copyright can be registered but not necessary.

To overview this introduction, the organization should consider the 4 functions namely: marketing, design, manufacturing, and patent and intellectual property which will make the product design and development success in the market.

Summary table     
Planning Product Design Intellectual Property
Marketing Market target group

Customer segmentation

Market opportunities

Logo, branding development

Packaging development



Design patent

Design 5 phases of product design and development processes:

1.    Step of product design beginning with “Briefing”, as problems, needs study or by inspiration.

2.    Step is a concept analysis

3.    Step of Sketch Design and product development

4.    Step of “Detail Design” or “Refinements”

5.    Steps in making “Prototype”

Utility patent

Petty patent

Design patent

Trade secret

Technology Drawing software Adobe Illustrator, Assist by computer Copyright

Trade secret

Manufacturing Prototype of product and mass production to the marketplace. Trade secret

Utility patent